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Caffé di Casa is a new café/food experience, created for the international market to promote the name and products of the high quality Italian food brand Casa Rinaldi.

The Rinaldi family have produced traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena for several generations from their own "acetaia" (traditional aging house) using barrels from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Twenty five years ago Italian food exporter Alis began selling Rinaldi's Italian vinegars to a global market. They subsequently expanded the product range to include: olive oil, sauces, dressings, pasta, cheese, preserves, spices, condiments and gelato as well as a series of products linked to choice-quality coffee grown by the best coffee producers in the world and roasted with Italian flair. This heritage has provided them with a reputation as one of finest producers and exporters of gourmet Italian foods, earning them a TUV certificate for the marketing and exporting of Italian specialty foods.

Today, Casa Rinaldi and Alis are a modern, dynamic group developing new and innovative "di casa by Casa Rinaldi food concepts" in response to the constantly evolving demands of the international food and beverage market - Caffé di Casa is one of these concepts.

In 2006, Casa Rinaldi and Alis granted Country Hill International (established in 1995 in the UAE as part of the Tricorp Group), the exclusive rights to open and operate "di casa by Casa Rinaldi food concepts" in the Arabian Gulf. The first Caffé di Casa has been opened at Emaar's Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai in November 2006 and it's fully operational with an outstanding success.

Caffé di Casa's introduction to the Middle East is spearheaded by Country Hill International. Their expertise and knowledge of the regional market and retail food scene is complemented by the experience and cuisine of leading Italian Chef Stefano Agostini from Casa Rinaldi.

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